Is Your Webhost Secure?

In the climate of hacking and web security, its more than ever in importance to check if your web host is secure. Some key things to do are to check if your web host offers ssl, security services, clearly mentions details about it on its website, and is verified as a merchant seller and ssl holder itself. After all, if it’s a legitimate business, things like this should be normal and easily found if you want to check over them.

When hosting your website on a server, it’s also a pretty good choice now to buy an ssl certificate yourself. They can be bought for around ten dollars, for a normal ssl and it keeps your website secure for you and your visitors, showing a green lock over your url and helps stop malicious hacking of website pages plus has the benefits of helping give your site an overall better presence when customers are browsing online.

Google, has also now clearly mentioned that having an ssl on your server, installed onto your website correctly helps in search engine rankings! So now is definitely the time to make the small added cost of doing this.

Just make sure when you choose a website host ,that it’s hosted on an ssl itself, can be found in the whois database and is established. Because there’s nothing worse than choosing a company and finding 100s of problems down the line.