Visiting Yankee Stadium At NYC

After I mention Yankee Stadium, I am usually asked, “Have you been?” and “What did you think?” Obviously, I have to ensure we are referring to the same place when I have already been to both original Yankee Stadium along with the “new” or “newer” or “current” Yankee Stadium… or whatever people are calling it. Anyway, while I enjoy the historical significance of the initial ballpark, and I have visited there many more occasions compared to the newer type, I am very happy to say that the newer Yankee Stadium is fine in my book. It’s solid, it is stunning, it’s clean, spacious and modern. It had to become built – the previous place was fighting. But though the construction is spectacular, the ability of joining a-game is different than it was in the previous Yankee Stadium and some aspects make me miss the past.

The newer Yankee Stadium opened in April of 2009. I’d my first encounter therein June of that same year when my partner, Evelyn, got me there for a dramatically numbered birthday (which shall remain a mystery) celebration. She arranged the whole thing up: seats, parking passes, hotel, etc. It was a fantastic touch on her element because she is not the largest football lover.

I still remember how parking at the old Yankee Stadium was $8 to get a long time and after that $10 not too long-ago and now it had been $24 in the new location. But now, if you want to register for parking then you should visit for convenient parking. Here, you can look out the facilities provided in car parking.