The Apron Conveyor

An Apron Feeder or an apron conveyor is actually a conveyor belt machine made up of closely linked plates to feed material into the processing machines in an industrial process. The benefit of using this machine lies in the fact that it gives process managers the freedom of controlling the volume of material to be added in the process and keep a check on their flow according to the need of the hour.

Apron feeder machines can be easily found in mining operations where dug up rocks and debris need to be carried to the surface for extraction of metal ores and minerals from under the ground. As a matter of fact, apron feeder machines are the preferred choice for all kinds of mining activities where handling of solid rocks and debris is involved. For mining of iron ore, silica, zinc and all other metals, and even in coal mining operations, apron feeder machines are the best bet due to their heavy duty design and durability of performance. Because of their durable structure, apron conveyors are also a popular choice for transferring concrete and stone for crushing, recycling, or mixing in a hot mix plant.

Owing to the nature of operations they are used in, apron feeders are mostly fabricated from a very durable and tensile material like steel. The strength of steel makes these machines ideal for handling heavy and bulky materials such as rocks and boulders having pointed edges. The plates fitted in the apron feeder are made of thick steel to endure heavy load, while the chain mechanism fitted on both ends of the feeder aids in movement of plates along the conveyor area.