Starting Your Own Reseller Web Hosting Business

Thinking of starting your own reseller hosting business? Its a decent idea. Reseller hosting is a potentially lucrative online business. The investment is not huge and depending on your data center provider, most of your support will be taken care of.

But there are also things you should know about before starting a reseller hosting business, which is what well see here.

First, explore the hosting companies that offer reseller hosting; most of the better ones do, but be sure to compare their rates and more importantly, how much technical support they will provide to your customers. Some of them provide partial support, some take care of all of your customers queries, while others dont offer much. If you are new to the hosting business, or dont want to get too involved in technical queries, its better to go with a host that provides a good amount of support.

You may also want to check their track record on reliability, up time, connectivity and reselling business model. For a customer, you are the hosting provider, so you want to minimize any kind of hosting issues from your reseller host.

Once you sign up to a host or a data center provider, you can set your own pricing structure, and run the hosting service with your own branding. In terms of infrastructure, all you need is a computer to manage all the accounts, as the reseller host is responsible for managing the servers, network and other systems. Depending on your data center provider, you may want to hire a technical guy who is familiar with servers and hosting, or do it yourself if you have the know-how.