Starting A Community Garden

If you want to help feed the poor and save the environment then look into building a community garden. These gardens will let you grow nutritious food in the community that can benefit residents who do not have the financial means to buy fruits and vegetables from a local retailer. Use the youtube converter and download videos that will show you how to create the community garden. There are charitable organizations that post these videos on their website for everyone to benefit from.

After you have watched these videos you need to think about what type of vegetables and fruits to grow. Your climate will play a key role when you are trying to determine what type of plants to grow. When you have identified the type of vegetables and fruits to grow you now need to get volunteers from the community to help tend the plants while they are growing. By getting everyone involved in the process you are going to build pride in the community. Along with starting a community garden you can also sell some of the produce at regional farmers markets, these funds can be used to help offset the costs of running the garden. All it takes is a little effort to get the garden up and running.