Some Ways To Untie Your Rear Speakers

Freeing your rear home theater speakers from the dreaded cable clutter has been the vision of several loudspeaker manufacturers. Recently some rear speaker kits have been released which promise ultimate freedom from speaker cable wires. However, do these kits live up to their hype? In this post I will investigate how well these kits really work.

Before I start my review, I just want to clarify one myth. Even though the name suggest that these kits are truly wireless, they are not. You still will have to deal with a fair amount of wiring starting with the power supply wiring. depending on the model, the wireless receiver of the kit needs a wallwart. Some models connect directly to a mains power outlet. Second, the receiver needs to be connected to the speakers. Most supplies include some short speaker cable for this task. So the amount of speaker wiring is indeed reduced but by no means are these systems truly wireless.

Reliability and sound quality are the two most important criteria when it comes to judging the performance of a wireless rear speaker kit. Most recent kits are quite reliable and won’t be bothered by the occasional wireless interference. Sound quality is also pretty good if you have a recent model.