Self-Directed IRA Accounts: An Alternative

Many of us already know about standard IRA accounts and roll-over IRA accounts one time they lose or leave a job. But few know about self-directed IRA accounts. These are accounts where YOU direct a reputable IRA company to invest in alternate investments such as gold, actual estate and futures. This news story will focus on futures – they are simple to enter and straightforward to understand and setup from a layman’s point of view.

Futures can be commodities such as oil, corn, soybeans and the like. It can be silver or gold. It may even be cattle. But I’d like to tell you about index futures that mimick the Large Funds Dow you see on TV or the Large S&P 500 index you listen to about as a benchmark for returns in the stock market or mutual funds. This is what I trade normally and may even be traded in a self-directed IRA account. You need to contact a self-directed IRA company, set up an account and also open a futures brokerage account with a brokerage firm such as MIRUS Futures. One time the funds are sent over to the brokerage firm from the self-directed IRA company, they can open an account for you and can start trading futures within about a month. For more help search Gold IRA Investing Gold IRA Investing Beams With Quality.