Network Marketing – Writing for Blogs

If you prefer to have a more stable position instead of tackling writing jobs here and there, you should look for blogs that are hiring writers. It is very important that you should know what you are going to do once you join in Network Marketing. The pay rate ranges from $5 up to $30 or more per blog post, but if you are starting out expect your earnings to be in the lower end. You have to ensure that you should make your research first before joining. The advantage of this model is that youll know forehand how much youll make per week (since most positions specify how many posts you need to write weekly or monthly). You have to keep in mind that there are many websites on the Internet that share their revenues with people willing to contribute content.

If you think that you can write in order to promote your product, then that is a big factor. Two popular ones are eHow, which pays a percentage of each advertising click generated from your articles, and AssociatedContent, which pays a flat fee for each 1,000 page views that your articles will receive. As you can see, making money with these websites will not be as fast as with other methods, but one advantage is the fact that youll be building passive income streams.