East Coast Parasail Prices and Adventures

Have you ever seen those people up in the air in a kind of reverse parachute? Believe it or not, these people are parasailing.

And, parasailing can be good for the entire family!! Most of the companies that run parasail rides have seats for 2 or even 3 at a time.

So, you never have to do it alone, unless you wish to do it alone, that is.

And, it can add new excitement and a new high to your trip or vacation to the Cape May NJ Jersey Shore!

Those who enjoy the trip call it one of biggest thrills of a lifetime.

Even though, you wear a life jacket, you do not have to get wet. The boats pulls you along and you take off. You can, however, request a “dip”, as some do.

Here are a few quick tips to ensure a great ride:

If you are planning a parasailing trip within days, check the weather forecast. Rain or heavy winds are not good times to parasail.

Be familiar with the equipment. If you are not sure of what something is called or what it does, ask your professional. They are usually more than happy to explain everything.

Be sure that you understand exactly how take off and landings will occur. If this is your first time, understanding these procedures can make for an awesome experience.

Ask someone to take pictures! That is right … you will want your family and friends to believe you when you tell them you did it … your children and grand children, too!

Lastly, relax and enjoy the trip! While it is thrilling, it is not a thrill ride.

Parasailing is often called the “new high” you get as it is one of the most exciting adventures among Cape May Water Sports Adventures.

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From all of us at Cape May Resort, enjoy your flight and we will see ya in the air!