Birthday Themes

Turning 16 years old is arguably one of the most important birthday’s you could possibly celebrate. There’s a load of pressure which is on the man throwing the party and mounds of anticipation from the birthday boy or girl. Naturally, it is really a hard task to pull off well. This article will hopefully provide some wonderful suggestions for your own party planning and ignite some of your own creative juices to plan the best sweet 16 birthday party ever.

Mardi Gras Style- What teenager hasn’t seen the Mardi Gras celebration on TV and wished they could be there. It is truly among the largest parties the U.S. celebrates. Invitations are the first glimpse guests will see of your own party planning labors. Arrange a parade for your guests during the celebration. Include creole traditional costumes and food as much as you can. Make the event the biggest party you’ve ever seen along with your guests will defiantly be amazed. For more help you can also search spa birthday party at on the internet.

Spa- The focus ought to be about pampering if you’re planning for a 16 year old girls party. Turn your back yard of living room into a room of relaxation. Renting a spa is regularly an option, no matter how the cost is generally rather pricey and is not optional. Creating an outdoor spa with fountains and blossoms might be an easier option. If weather is actually a problem outdoors it is just as easy to move the celebration in. Make sure you include tons of pampering favors such as:

Nail Polish

Facial Scrub


Hair Treatment

On occasion a salon will carry trial sized products and will let you buy them. Go to a local salon and describe your plans and ask if they’re able to help. Serve light refreshments with the treatments.